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Computer Acceptable Use Policy  

Technological services, in particular computers, word processing and other software programs, as well as access to the Internet, are among the services offered by the Pearl River County Library System at each of its branches.  The purpose of library-provided access to technological services is to supplement existing resources.  Access is a privilege, not a right, and requires responsibility on the part of the user.  Inappropriate use or violations of this privilege may result in its cancellation.

The guidelines contained herein must strictly be adhered to. Misuse of the computers, or violation of these guidelines will result in the following:


* A first offense will result in the discontinuation of that period of time remaining for the patron's use of the Internet.

* A second offense will permanently suspend the patron's Internet use privileges.

* Unacceptable behavior may result in the patron being asked to leave the library, or, in the case of a criminal offense, the police being contacted.

* In some cases, extreme violations of these guidelines may result in criminal prosecution.

The Pearl River County Library System Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Computer Use Guidelines


* Computer use is available at no charge to patrons who possess a valid library card.
* If a patron does not have a library card, a “Computer Use” library card is available for those with a picture identification card.
* Computer use time will be limited to a one hour session, except during periods of high demand, when time will be limited to a thirty minute session. Blocks of time may be extended if no one is waiting. These restrictions will be at the librarian’s discretion.
* Printed pages should be claimed at the Front Desk and must be paid for when claimed. Pages printed due to patron error are the responsibility of the patron. If not claimed, printing charges will be placed on the patron record.
* Color printing may be available at the reference desk.
* Patrons may not download files to the computer’s hard drive. Patrons may use floppy disks or flash drives that have been brought from another source. The library system assumes no liability or responsibility for damages incurred to another computer due to viruses or other corrupted files contained on disks used with the library system’s computers.
* A flash drive is available at the circulation desk for use on library computers.
* Computer headphones are available for check out at the Front Desk. Sanitization of the computer headphones is the responsibility of the user. Alcohol wipes for cleaning the headphones are available, at no charge, upon request. The library system assumes no liability or responsibility regarding patron use of computer headphones. Patrons are responsible for returning headphones to the Front Desk immediately after computer use.
* Use of the computers to engage in any activity which constitutes violation of local, state, and/or federal law, including, but not restricted to, copyright law is strictly prohibited.
* Use of a computer will be limited to one patron at a time, except in the case of an adult working with a child or one adult assisting another adult.
* Changes to computer system files are prohibited; violators may be punishable by law under the any or all of the Mississippi Code 1972, Annotated: §97-45-3, §97-45-5, §97-45-7, or §97-45-9.


* 20¢ per each page printed.
* $1.25 per each color page printed.
* $1.00 per hour will be charged to adult non-residents and to adult patrons who fail to present a valid library card.
* $1.00 overdue fine will be charged for each hour the computer is overdue without being renewed.
* 50¢ each - floppy disks.

Internet Provisions

Patrons who wish to use the computers provided for Internet access are to be advised of the following:

The Internet is an immense global electronic network which has no regulatory body. Pearl River County Library System and its libraries, Crosby Memorial and Poplarville Public, assume no liability for the information contained on the Internet. The acceptance of its use and the material accessed is the responsibility of the user. Some material may be considered inappropriate or offensive. Parents/Guardians assume responsibility for sites accessed by their children. Parents/Guardians and children are encouraged to read Child Safety on the Information Highway, found at the following Internet address of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

* First time users must sign a form agreeing to the terms of the Computer Acceptable Use Policy.
* A special message will be placed in the patron’s library card record or a special sticker will be placed on the patron’s  library card indicating the patron has read and agreed to the terms of these provisions.
* Minor children, aged thirteen or younger, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian each time said minor wishes to access the Internet. The parent or guardian must have a valid library card or picture I.D. and have agreed to these guidelines.
* Minors between the ages of fourteen and eighteen may access the Internet providing the following conditions are met: (1) Parents or guardians who wish to permit access of the Internet for their minor child/ward must complete and sign the agreement form. Proof of the completion of this form will be kept as a special message on the minor’s patron record or a sticker placed on the library card. (2) Said minor must have a valid library card.
* News groups, listservs, bulletin boards, chat rooms, games, or other interactive services will not be permitted. Purchases may not be made via the Internet. Security of credit card numbers cannot be guaranteed.
* Vital websites, such as the Social Security site, the Internal Revenue site, state and county sites that require input of personal information and/or social security number will be allowed with the understanding that the Library System assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability for any claims or damages which result from the provision of such access to users. Security of social security numbers, credit card numbers and any other personal information used for this purpose cannot be guaranteed.
* Patrons may not access sites which display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene, pornographic, violent, or espouse drug use or other illegal activities, or condone violence or discrimination toward others.
* Front Desk Staff are not available for personal computer instruction. Staff may offer searching suggestions, answer questions, or assist in locating self-help books. Books on Internet use are available for reference and checkout.
* Social networking websites, such as MySpace, Friendster and Facebook, etc. are prohibited.

The Pearl River County Library System considers computer use and/or access to the Internet as a privilege, not a right, for its patrons. Inappropriate use or violations may result in the cancellation of this privilege.


Board Approved
revised 28 March 2000
revised 25 March 2008

Last update: May 01, 2014.